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AVV is the proud fiscal sponsor of Breathe in the Light.  To learn more about this amazing project, please visit their website and Facebook page.  

"Breathe in the Light" will educate a broad audience about the ordeals that face survivors of sexual assault in Alaska and convey that these trials are relevant to everyone in the US, not just to women, and not just to Native Americans or Native Alaskans.  Ultimately, this journey will enable viewers to transcend the disillusionment that breeds apathy and disconnection and thus realize how these stories of survival are our stories of survival.  

During the longest day of the year, in a land that celebrates the summer sun, six women will join together for a week long trek on Kesugi Ridge in the Alaska Range.  These women are all survivors of sexual assault and they live in a state that leads the nation with it's rates of domestic violence, intimate partner homicide, child abuse, neglect, child sexual abuse and sexual assault.  They know that telling their stories in a sacred space and being believed are key factors in promoting healing.  They have the grace and courage to share their stories, and in doing so, these six women will change their lives and those who view this film.  

breathe in the light